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How to Buy

Buying Made Simple

  • Browse

    Use the search functions to find exactly what you are looking for, or simply browse through the variety of latest listings.

  • Make an Enquiry

    Once you have found what you are after, simply use the form within the listing page to enter your details and make an enquiry.

  • Sale

    An Ag Sales team member will bring you and the seller together to finalise the purchase and any other arrangements, such as delivery.

Welcome to Ag Sales

If this is your first time visiting the site, we welcome you to browse through the variety of new and used items available for sale on the website. We have all your agricultural needs covered from machinery, equipment, livestock, farm supplies and much more.

We are here to help

If you have any trouble with the process, feel free to contact us by text, email or telephone and we can help contact the seller on your behalf.

Ph:0429 008 301

How to Submit a Free Listing

Selling Made Easy

  • Sign in or Register

    If you already have an account, click sign in. For first time users the registration process will occur during the the 'submit a free listing page' if you do not already have an account.

  • Submit a Free Listing

    Upload your listing details and upload up to 5 images, then press the green submit button that will show up on the bottom of the page once you have added all of your details. Your listing will be reviewed before going live. This is a free service if the cost price of the listing is under $3000.

  • Sale

    The Agsales team will work with you as the seller and also the buyer so that each side reaches their expected outcome.

Registering a new Ag Sales account

You can register a new selling account by ‘clicking here’ or the big green ‘submit a free listing’ button in the top right of the screen.

Things to remember
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your item/service and describe it accurately.
  • Ensure that you post an image of the item. People will want to view the item before they purchase.

We want you to sell your item as quickly as possible for the right price. This is why we closely monitor listings posted by our sellers and may contact you if we believe your listing will benefit from including some additional information. These changes can result in your item selling faster and for the price you want.

Editing your listing

You can make changes to your listing at any time by logging in to your account and accessing your dashboard. Once you have made a change, your item will return to a pending status until an Ag Sales team member approves it.

We are here to help

If you have any trouble with the process, feel free to contact us by text, email or telephone and we can upload the details of the listing on your behalf.

Ph: 0429 008 301

Selling Fees

Selling Fees

At AgSales Australia we keep our fees low through decreasing administration overheads meaning we do not have to compromise in quality.

Product Selling Fee
Any Item between $0 – $3000

100% Free

Phone number will be present.

$1 per tonne

Over 300+ Tonne of Grain Selling Fee is .80c per tonne
Hay (8×4×3)

$1 per tonne

Over 300+ Tonne of hay Selling Fee is .80c per tonne
Hay (round)

$1 per tonne

Hay (Small Bales)

$0.50 per bale


Free Below $3000

Over $3000 Selling Fee is 0.5%

Land Any Value


Land Leasing



$1 Per Head Cows & Sheep



Houses 0.5% Over $100,000 Selling Fee is 0.5%

Wanted Ads (self-loading)

Fee schedule as above charged to the seller (self-loading)

AG Services Ads Totally 100% free

Finders Fee

We understand the time constraints placed on our busy farmers and happy to source items on their behalf. If we find the item you are looking for a finders fee of $3 per ton for hay (8×4×3) or 3% for machinery or land items.

*Please note all fees are plus GST