Reference # 04074

Agistment Wanted (sheep)

Location: Nhill - VIC

$1 ex GST

Categories: Sheep, Wanted Post

Agistment Wanted for sheep

In Nhill or surrounding area

Legume stubbles pref but not essential

Paying $1.00 a week per head

No crossbred lambs, will be curfewed before placement

If got some acres available let us know

Vendor Information

OUT OF STOCKBarley Hay 8/4/3Barley Hay 8/4/3
Sold Out

Barley Hay 8/4/3

New season barley hay

200+ bales 8/4/3

600+ kilo avg

Paddack stacked with caps

4 different variety types of barley in the paddock due to last one being sown, bit ryegrass in it otherwise good quality hay

Feed tested

10.4 Me 8.3 Protein A2 grade

Photo’s to come

Price per tonne Paid before it leaves farmgate

Nhill - VIC
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