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B Double Set Trailers

B double set of hay trailers

A trailer Vawdrey 24ft

255.22.5 Tyres

Year 99


New tyres, bushes on swing arms on a trailer 12 months ago

New jaws on turn table 12 months ago

BPW axels


B Trailer

Length 44ft 6inch

Year 98 Model

Make Lusty


tyres 275.22.5 on b trailer

new brakes on half the axels others ok still

K hitch axels

tyres all round on both trailers pass roadworthy

Rack, binders, air bags…

spare tyres on each

Running atm doing approximately 5000km a week only selling due to upgrade coming in MID-Late Nov

So pick up is then on them using them atm until then. Perfect trailers for a farmer to move his own hay and others very reliable set up




Timboon - VIC
$40,000 ex GST Reference # 03801 View More

Inter Truck 130t Rated

Christmas Special 1 week only

International 9900i Prime Mover Eagle
2005 Model
796196 kms
Road Train Rated 130t
Cat motor C15 550HP 6 cylinder turbo
Long range fuel tanks
ring feeder
18 speed eaton
GVM 26,460
GCM 131,000
Air bag suspension
Near New steer tyres on front back ones are down
Some paint on cabin is flaking a little bit in spots otherwise ok
got all the gear cruise, uhf, spotlights, power windows, bulbar, twin upswept exhausts, diff locks, power windows

No Hyd No Rego
Goes well good solid truck with plenty of power and plenty of rating priced to sell

Mildura - VIC
$34,000 ex GST Reference # 04157 View More

Scania Truck 730

Scania 730 HP

Year 2016

Km showing atm 794,000 22/1/2020

Motor and trans warranty for another 100,000 km


New compressor, new radiator, new turbo

B double rated


Great truck going well just selling due to upgrade to new one

VGC always serviced on time

Wont be available until early March 2020  then it will have most likely approx. 840,000 kms showing

Doing 6000km avg a week atm, very comfortable truck to drive


Terang - VIC
$125,000 ex GST Reference # 03744 View More

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