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OUT OF STOCK6485 Massey Tractor Tier 26485 Massey Tractor Tier 2
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6485 Massey Tractor Tier 2

2006 model 6485 Massey Ferguson FWA Tractor Sisu engine tier 2 model 170hp, registered, 3231 engine hours tyres 65% 65 06 5R 38 on back 54 06 5R 28 on front, 16 Speed DynaShift, Regularly serviced,3 point linkage, Very Reliable efficient and quiet tractor , Gps Not included but can be purchased either on or separate

Nhill - VIC
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OUT OF STOCKB Double Set TrailersB Double Set Trailers
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B Double Set Trailers

B double set of hay trailers

A trailer Vawdrey 24ft

255.22.5 Tyres

Year 99


New tyres, bushes on swing arms on a trailer 12 months ago

New jaws on turn table 12 months ago

BPW axels


B Trailer

Length 44ft 6inch

Year 98 Model

Make Lusty


tyres 275.22.5 on b trailer

new brakes on half the axels others ok still

K hitch axels

tyres all round on both trailers pass roadworthy

Rack, binders, air bags…

spare tyres on each

Running atm doing approximately 5000km a week only selling due to upgrade coming in MID-Late Nov

So pick up is then on them using them atm until then. Perfect trailers for a farmer to move his own hay and others very reliable set up




Timboon - VIC
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OUT OF STOCKBarley Hay (under offer)Barley Hay (under offer)
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Barley Hay (under offer)

New season’s Barley Hay

367 Bales available 8/4/3

618 kilo Avg 

Baled with 8 string krone owner operator

Located within 10 km of township

Feed test coming, photo’s to come

No rain on windrow, had approx. 8 mill on stack since baled. Paddack stacked 6 high no caps, cut down due to failed finish

Freight available 62 bales on b double at $5.50km but buyer can freight if needed

Price per tonne paid before pick up

Echuca - VIC
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OUT OF STOCKBarley Hay 8/4/3Barley Hay 8/4/3
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Barley Hay 8/4/3

New season barley hay

200+ bales 8/4/3

600+ kilo avg

Paddack stacked with caps

4 different variety types of barley in the paddock due to last one being sown, bit ryegrass in it otherwise good quality hay

Feed tested

10.4 Me 8.3 Protein A2 grade

Photo’s to come

Price per tonne Paid before it leaves farmgate

Nhill - VIC
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OUT OF STOCKBarley StrawBarley Straw
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Barley Straw

Taking orders for new season barley straw bales

Baled header tailings, high density 8x4x3, approx 500-550kg

Available ex paddock December

Freight can be provided

Upfront payment required. Photo for effect.

Price per tonne

Warracknabeal - VIC
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EOI Wheat Barley Straw

Wheat or Barley Straw 

Baled straight behind the header

Taking orders now

Big quantity’s available if needed

8/4/3 Bales HD

500-550 Kilo hope to get in them

Can start bailing in about 3 weeks once harvest fully commences

You set us right with the price 





Dimboola - VIC
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