Selling Terms and Conditions

AgSales Australia is committed to providing the best customer service ensuring you sell your items fast for the best price.

We trade as Darmar Trading Pty Ltd with ABN number: 13277246197.

  • You will provide AgSales Australia with the item/s you want to be listed either by calling, texting, emailing or uploading the item/s yourself.
  • Once your item/s are approved, we will list them on our website FREE of charge.
  • As we receive inquiries about your item/s we will pass them on to you. Once you have agreed, we will then pass on your contact information to the potential buyer
  • If you do not wish for your contact information to be passed on to a potential buyer, we will handle the negotiations on your behalf.
  • Once your item/s are sold we will send you a purchased ticket clarifying the details of the items sold and commissions you are expected to pay.
  • We will not provide a formal sales invoice until you have been paid for your item/s sold. We do not expect that you will pay AgSales Australia until you have been paid however we do advise that you request payment within before or on pick up of your item/s.
  • We will contact you after 14 days from point of sale to clarify whether you have been paid, if not we encourage that we assist you with this process however we are not liable for the recovery of any monies owed to you. We will also contact the buyer to request funds if they have picked up an item/s and have not paid you.

*Please note: Here at AgSales Australia, we believe that there are many honest people who will pay for items they have purchased. However, there is a small percentage of people who choose to not act fairly.

In order to decrease your risk, we highly recommend that you request payment on or before the time of pick up of the item/s *

Please contact us: 0429 008 301